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Good news from our winning customers.

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Hi, Antonio

Just wanted to say thanks for the great picks you made for the Arizona pick 3 numbers. I caught three out of the five numbers that you picked.

 I missed the first pick number by 1 day, and the second number I missed was the BE which I forgot to sign up for !  However, with three out of five picks hit(Two were straight picks !!) I  still managed to win $ 740.00 !!  Keep up the good work !!

Sincerely,  John Anderson

gold dollars

Subject: blessing

Hi, I just wanted you to know that you have been heaven sent. At first I was a little skeptical about trying your numbers, I' ve been had many times before. What I did was wrote your site address down and watched it for a while. I told myself this can't be real they must follow the different states and if the number hits they put it on their results page like they predicted it! Finally I decided to give it a try and sent payment. Well the first numbers that you sent I didn't play I watch to see if they were going to really come out, and you would not believe they did at the time you said twice. Well you know what I did the next set that I receive I played and I was a happy sister! Please what ever you do keep up the exceptional good work! You have made a loyal customer for life! Thank you and God Bless!

 Lenore Smith

gold dollars


I've been working on @ Pick 3 System for quite sometime, but you guys @re w@y @head of me. You c@n re@lly Predict the Numbers, not only c@n you Predict the numbers, you give the Time frame that they should hit. I've been interested in the Pick 3 bec@use it's the e@siest g@me to WIN in my State Lottery. ( Texas ) I h@ve @ system, but it's not @s Predict@ble @s yours. If Promotion w@s available I would Promote your Site To the Fullest. You m@ke everyone Winners. I keep up with the Pick 4 Lottery In Virginia, I have @ Brother Who doesn't Play the Lottery, But I do, and I @lways @sk him to buy me a Couple of Tickets for the Pick 4 G@me, I'm gonna start Subscribing to th@t Lotto @s well @s the Texas Pick 3. M@n you guys @re Good @t wh@t you Do. Hey Keep up the Good Work, and I will be in the Winners Circle.

K. J. from Texas