Your Money Lotto System
Coming to an end November 2023.

What's Hot for Your State or Province Pick 3, 4 & 5 Numbers Game?

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Lottery Forecast and Prediction information for USA, Canada, Greece & Turkey:

Report Card

Welcome to the Your Money Lotto System Report Card. A Record of Our Systems Results

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What Are We Reporting in Our Report Card?

Our Report Card lists the total number of Pick-3, Pick-4 and Pick-5 numbers we predicted to come out each month. To review each System Results page, proceed as follow:

Tap or Click on Report Card 2022 or Previous year.

  • Tap or Click on the system link (NOI, P4OI, HZP3, HZP4, BE, W4E & PICK5). The link will take you to the “System Daily Updates” page.

  • Tap or Click on the Month of interest to select the results for the State listed in the report.

  • Click on the State to see Individual State's Results.